Change Voice To Earn Cash With E-Learning

Keeping my eyes on the desktop, eight hours a day I thickened my glasses year after year. My roommate working for an e-commerce company is also in the same situation, but his current laugh and cheerful voice at the computer usually wakes me up at midnight when I’m still in the mist of my dreams. Surprisingly, because he is not “easy to hit” type among my friends and it’s hard to believe that a young person with the slogan “24 hours is not enough for a day” can be addicted to online play or chat. So what happened strangely to him really inspired me to understand the reasons.

Going beyond all my expectations, it turned out that he used Paltalk, a pretty popular online chat tool to find friends in Asia to have an overview of this emerging Mekka before his adventurous trip to Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. seemed to be insufficiently transparent to a questionable mind, I decided to install this chat tool and explore it myself.

A visit to some of the language learning forums was open to me when I noticed that many people use Paltalk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger or AOL not only for fun but also for teaching and learning. An English room at Paltalk impressed me as an administrator, a retired Australian teacher, willingly teaching English for about 10 people, mostly from Asian countries. When you write is as old as the hills, speaking with a microphone in this kind of voice conference can help these “students” listen and imitate their native accent. This teacher asked everyone to browse a website, read an article, pick up the microphone, and raise a hand to share ideas at the conference. I also joined another as the theme was for movies – my beloved. When I was still hesitating to see the Memoirs of a Geisha because I never had a deep interest in an Asian film without Jackie Chan, a Japanese woman helped me summarize its contents from the Japanese original book. From her conversation, many wonderful types of kimono and ups and downs in geisha really encouraged me to spend one night in cinema and helped me know that Zhang Zi Yi, Vanatab Ken, Gong Li and others. They are also brilliant stars. We exchanged countless thanks because I had a lesson about Japanese culture and she could practice clearing her English. I am not entirely in the definition of eLearning and its benefits because you can look into a huge mountain with information about this aspect on the Internet. However, what I said to you is also called E-learning, is not it? My eyes would be a little tired, but it’s worth it because I got a lot of useful lessons.

Oops, you are probably complaining about my word and indifference to the title of this letter. Anyway, making money is not like a butter knife.

Yesterday I read some very interesting news that Indian ninth grade teaches math for a younger US. This talented teacher can earn $ 10 for every hour, which sounds very impressive. Long distance here does not matter when they can send text files via email or Instant Messenger and do exercises by speaking at a voice chat conference. Interestingly, this Indian has to use voice change software to improve the quality of your voice, as you know, the Indian accent and dialect are not so easy to understand by the world. This is what we usually say that “the necessity is the mother of the invention” and making money is not something that is out of reach.

I will definitely tell my roommate about this. A cool idea of ​​making money will appear in his mind, legally, why not?

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