3 Things Search Engines Want To See – Using Links The Engines Will Like

Search engines constantly alter their algorithms to keep up-to-date. Optimization was the primary search engine used to determine website ranking. At present, however, it represents only about 10% of their total algorithms. What brings the greatest weight to the search engines is now the connection.

Linking is the process of connecting to other sites that are relevant to your targeted and highly ranked marketplace and from contacting you. So far Google has the largest percentage of the search engine market and they are managed by a link. Other search engines tend to follow Google, so the market moves faster in that direction.

3 Tips for building Smart LinksM

When choosing which sites you want to connect, keep in mind what search engines want to see:

• Search engines are looking for organic results. According to Bruce Chapman of http://Linkateer.com, the number one search placement company, “One of the things we are trying to do is make sure that each of our links is appropriate for the particular type of business . If your website sells makeup, a natural link will be to a site that provides makeup application techniques. An unnatural link will be on the actor’s fanclub site. Chapman says: “If it is not natural, it will be a problem.”

• Search engines look for consistent results. More connections are not necessarily better. In fact, getting too many links at a time, such as joining the link farm, may actually hurt your rankings. Receiving 20,000 links this month and 13 links next month we will travel with their filters, and for all of your work you will find yourself quitting the rankings. With links, search engines are more concerned with quality than with quantity.

• Search engines are looking for one-way links. Mutual connections are often only people who exchange links to increase the number of links. Search engines have become wise about this practice and are adapting their algorithms. “When a site wants to connect to another website, it shows that the second website has something of value … The one-way connection probably costs 20 times the reciprocal link.”

Achieving natural results

It takes time to achieve good positioning in search engines, especially with more competitive keywords. Any attempt to deceive the engines can work for a while; but they are becoming more and more complex and will eventually catch you up. Not only will your trick not work anymore, but it can push you or be punished in the rankings. The best way to achieve a high rating is to give search engines what they are looking for – good new content and relevant links.

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